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I recently received a copy of Stephen Gill’s book Invisible. This is one of my favorite books of the year. I am currently trying to get my hands on his book Hackney Wicks. It was published in 2006 but is already out of print. Stephen has a number of books available on his website. All are self-published in small editions. Buy Gill’s books while they are still available!



Here is an interesting conversation between Joerg Colberg and Alec Soth on photo blogging. I have been following Joerg’s blog, Conscientious, for a few years now. Conscientious is definitely the most comprehensive photo blog out there. The last several months contain some of Joerg’s best post in my opinion. It feels that Joerg has tapped some fresh enthusiasm for Conscientious. Perhaps his hard work is beginning to pay off. Below you will find a list of photographers interviewed and posted by Joerg.

Juliana Beasley
Todd Deutsch
Amy Elkins
Chris Jordan
Jay Parkinson
Rodger Richards
Alec Soth
Bill Sullivan
Brian Ulrich
Shen Wei
Michael Wolf

In early November I spent 3 days photographing deer hunters in Missouri. I had never been hunting before, so this experience was very exciting. I learned a lot about hunting. I can’t say that I will ever put it to good use, but it was useful information at the time. I have lots of film to edit from this trip. I will be excited to share all of the work when finished. For now I am posting a few images below, you can also find a few on my website





Last fall I began a project at the Bronx Zoo. I decided to shoot the zoo as a challenge. Everyone has either taken pictures at a zoo or have viewed images from a zoo. The challenge was to create interesting images from such a familiar location.
A zoo is a strange place during the off season. Often I found myself alone, just myself and the animals. Occasionally, a family or a group of photographers armed with 300mm lenses would stroll by. It was exciting to practically have a whole zoo to myself. I shot a few times a week for several months. Here are some of the images from the project. The online magazine “Group Show” published one of the images in their September Issue.












Last week I spent an afternoon at the New York Art Book Fair hosted by Printed Matter. It was a pleasure to thumb through many of the books. The best part of the afternoon was talking with Jason Fulford at J&L Press. I am a big fan of both Jason as a photographer and a publisher. I saw Jason’s first show titled 107 in Kansas City in 2000. J&L has two new books coming out by photographers Darin Mickey and Ed Panar. Darin Mickey is a Kansas City native and his project titled “STUFF I GOTTA REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET” was shot in KC. The book looks great and if you like the work enough you can buy a special edition print here.


One of my sunday morning rituals is to check out the NYT’s Magazine for exciting images. Like many photographers, I consider the Sunday Magazine to be one of the ultimate editorial publications. The photography is always right on thanks to Kathy Ryan and her staff. What I appreciate about the magazine is that they hire both established and emerging photographers. This weeks cover image was shot by Steve Stenze. On Steve’s blog I found a very interesting post titled “Anatomy of a New York Times Magazine Cover Photo.” As you will see, the amount of time and energy spent is enormous. Steve must be happy with his effort as he embraces his image on this weeks cover. Well done Steve!