Joerg Colberg and Alec Soth…on Photo Blogs


Here is an interesting conversation between Joerg Colberg and Alec Soth on photo blogging. I have been following Joerg’s blog, Conscientious, for a few years now. Conscientious is definitely the most comprehensive photo blog out there. The last several months contain some of Joerg’s best post in my opinion. It feels that Joerg has tapped some fresh enthusiasm for Conscientious. Perhaps his hard work is beginning to pay off. Below you will find a list of photographers interviewed and posted by Joerg.

Juliana Beasley
Todd Deutsch
Amy Elkins
Chris Jordan
Jay Parkinson
Rodger Richards
Alec Soth
Bill Sullivan
Brian Ulrich
Shen Wei
Michael Wolf

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  1. photonoir said:

    I agree. Joerg Colberg does have a fantastic blog! Truly great…

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