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Meet Kabir and his friend Enamul. Both are Bangladeshian – Americans living in New York City. I have had the pleasure to meet and photograph several families from Bangladesh. This Sunday I will spend time with another Bangladeshian family.

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  1. Charlotte Averly said:

    i love your blog kevin! i have been reading it a while now i think I am in love 🙂

    i find myself walking the city aimlessly at times too camera in hand just wondering how and why i am here. today i was walking the streets of chelsea listening to paul oakenfold’s starry-eye surprise on my ipod feeling good about the world and i popped into yossi milo and was back to depression. i love to shoot portaits which is why I like your work so much – the eclectric mix of portraits has me thinking your my type. i photographed this boy last week who goes by the name soda pop on the street he’s part of a longer term project of street kids I am working on and gonna shop around to some pubs. soda pop was the cutest kid he had a million dollar smile and not a care in the world the streets are his life, sometimes I feel like they are mine too. i asked him when I was finished shooting “is your vision my vision?” he said “no” asked me for three dollars so he could some chow at grays papaya and smiled as I gave him five and left. i haven’t heard from the kid since. i have a couple frames now i really like but try strolling the streets on a high and go into yossi or klein and you’ll feel like yourself again. i do.


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