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Jeff Wall – MoMA February 25–May 14, 2007

From The New York Times Magazine:

Beginning in 1982, through the re-creations that he calls “cinematographic photography,” Wall circumvented the problem. Typically, he would see something, often a small event with compressed human drama and political overtones: two working-class women absorbed in a heated conversation; a man making a racist gesture to an Asian passer-by; a dejected Vietnamese man standing beneath a tree. Rather than snap it, he would go home, think about this glimpse of everyday life or popular culture and then, if he wanted to proceed, hire performers to re-enact the scene. He argues that the sharpness of his resulting image comes close to what the ever-adjusting and -compensating eye perceives, a precision that usually eludes the documentary photographer.

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March has brought a few changes and a few exciting additions to the Humble Arts Foundation. As you will see they have reshaped their web format. Now you will find all their projects and events on one site. They have also introduced Solo Show. This is their best announcement yet. Each month Humble presents a collection of images plus an interview from a photographer previously featured in Group Show. The March Solo Show belongs to Rachelle Mozman who “examines the lives of young children living in isolated “exurban” development communities in New Jersey and Panama.”
Humble Arts has also announced their first group exhibition in Chelsea at New Century Artist. This will be their second physical exhibition in just a few months. As you can see the curators at Humble are very serious about finding and promoting emerging photographers.