Monthly Archives: April 2007


Not long ago I mentioned the Kansas City based photographer Mike Sinclair. I have enjoyed viewing his work for several years. He is one of many exciting photographers living and working in the Midwest. Mike recently updated his website with new work. I recommend that everyone revisit both his commercial and personal projects.


The purpose of the Aperture Prize is to identify trends in contemporary photography and, specifically, artists whom we feel we can help by bringing them to a wide audience. It is also a way for Aperture to discover work that we might not otherwise see by artists whose progress we would like to follow.

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Colby Katz‘s Rabbit Hunting is one of those projects that get stuck in my head like a Roy Orbison tune. The combination of rabbits, teenagers, rifles, and the fiery Floridian landscape is magical. I revisit Rabbit Hunting every so often and never find myself dissatisfied. You can view a slide show with audio of the project here (click on slide show next to Colby Katz.)


I am excited to announce that I will have two images published in Garth Risk Hallberg’s book A Field Guide to the North American Family. The book, published by Mark Batty Publisher, will be available some time in early June. I have listed all the photographers chosen for the printed edition below. As you can see I am in great company. You can pre-order the book on Amazon if you wish.

Jordan Alport, Timothy Briner, Jessica Bruah, Kara Canal, Sandy Carson, Alana Celii, Janice Clark, Jason Curtis, John Paul Davis, Chris Eichler, Amy Elkins, Jason Falchook, Elizabeth Fleming, Catherine Gass, Hans Gindlesberger, Andres Gonzalez, Maury Gortemiller, Jonathan Gitelson, Jennifer Greenburg, Ben Huff, Christy Karpinski, Mickey Kerr, Liz Kuball, Michael Kwiecinski, Shane Lavalette, Jason Lazarus, Stacy Arezou Mehrfar, Nick Meyer, Matt Nighswander, Alexis Pike, Colleen Plumb, Gus Powell, John Putnam, Shawn Records, Rebecca Blume Rothman, Christopher D Salyers, Matthew Schenning, David Shulman, Kevin Sisemore, Brandon Sorg, Brian Sorg, Sai Sriskandarajah, Tema Stauffer, JJ Sulin, Brian Ulrich, Consider Vosu, Grant Willing.