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From the Missouri West, Robert Adams.

I will be on a little journey for the next week. Check back soon for new postings. In the meantime, enjoy the view.



I found this 2003 article about Alec Soth and his process very interesting. The reporter follows Soth to a local bar were Alec picks out a subject.

“What’s your story?” Alec asks John as soon as we order drinks. And so John tells his story. He’s a builder, off early for the day from a job. He has a cabin he’s building in the north woods and someday he plans to retire there. “I want to get up there and replant a lot of the trees,” he says.
“That’s a real good story,” says Soth. “Can I tell you my story? I’m a photographer…I’m drawn to dreamer types–people who dream big. Something told me you were a dreamer.”
Soth asks if he can take John’s picture. Finding out John lives nearby, he further asks: “Can we go to your house?…I’ll buy you another one of these.”

The complete article can be found here.


Those who know me know that I have a respectable photography book collection. Because photo books can be so expensive, I can’t always afford to buy every book I fall in love with. Fortunately, I have made several valuable decisions including first editions of Todd Hido’s House Hunting, Alec Soth’s Sleeping by the Mississippi (signed), and Jason Fulford’s Sunbird. Sometimes I pass on a book and truly regret it. Ryan McGinley’s Olympic Swimmers is one recent example. Dashwood had one copy for $50, but it was a little too scuffed up for me. That was the last time I saw a copy of Olympic Swimmers available for a decent price. However, my luck changed last week when I ran across the box set for the amazing price of $15. AbeBooks has their copy listed at $157.78. I received my copy yesterday and the boxed set was perfect. If you have any interest in Ryan McGinleys Olympic Swimmers click here while supplie last (one copy per customer.) Check out their other books too. I also got a great deal on Misha de Ridder’s Wilderness. Buy, Buy Buy!


Several months ago I mentioned Timothy Briner and his exciting project Boonville USA. Last week Tim set off for Boonville Missouri for the next month. This is the first stop for Tim as he spends one month in each of the six different American towns named Boonville.

I’m using these six unique towns and their common name to create a visual representation of all small towns across the country. I’m looking forward to the day when all the photographs have been arranged to create a larger, almost mythic Boonville.

Tim set-up a blog for people to follow as he makes his journey. Check out the latest entry. You will find a picture of Tim and his trusty camera taken by a local reporter for the Boonville Daily News. According to Tim’s blog, the people of Boonville, Missouri have welcomed him with open arms. Not only was he featured on the cover of the local paper, Tim was also interviewed by a local radio station.

For an online interview with Tim check out Ben Huff’s blog Huff Photo.