Boonville USA


Several months ago I mentioned Timothy Briner and his exciting project Boonville USA. Last week Tim set off for Boonville Missouri for the next month. This is the first stop for Tim as he spends one month in each of the six different American towns named Boonville.

I’m using these six unique towns and their common name to create a visual representation of all small towns across the country. I’m looking forward to the day when all the photographs have been arranged to create a larger, almost mythic Boonville.

Tim set-up a blog for people to follow as he makes his journey. Check out the latest entry. You will find a picture of Tim and his trusty camera taken by a local reporter for the Boonville Daily News. According to Tim’s blog, the people of Boonville, Missouri have welcomed him with open arms. Not only was he featured on the cover of the local paper, Tim was also interviewed by a local radio station.

For an online interview with Tim check out Ben Huff’s blog Huff Photo.

  1. Chuck (Charles) Klusmeyer said:

    Message to Timothy Briner,
    I find your journey to be very interesting, I think you have met my parents Tom and Gail Klusmeyer -they told me you may visit Christ Church an upcoming Sunday (my Grandfather Jackson was a Episcopal Priest there in the 1960’s). I hadn’t lived in Boonville (MO) but I feel like I grew up there and still (at 35) feel like it is my hometown, my parents did grow up there and my Grandparents have lived (and died) there, the Klusmeyers had farmed there since the late 1700’s. I have 2 brothers and a sister and we are all now dispersed throughout the midwest and south – Sister in Atlanta, Brother in Chicago, Brother in Cincinnati, and I reside with my family in Toledo, OH and work in Detroit for GM. I had to check out your website and let you know, Boonville MO is in my blood forever, and the values and integrity the people have in that town, as I’m sure you’ve found, are what makes Smalltown USA so wonderful -your word and a handshake are good enough. I’ve lived many places (IN, GA, Penn, NC, and OH) since I was a teenager but Boonville, MO is where I would call home, there are many times I think about just picking up my family and moving there but then I wonder if that magic would still be there for me. Anyway, I’ve named my 2nd son Boone that’s what Boonville has meant to me.
    Thanks for letting me ramble on,
    Chuck Klusmeyer (Tammy, sons Jackson, Boone, and Kannon) Perrysburg, Ohio

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